Zodiac Signs Are A Popular Source of Inspiration : Zodiac Tattoos

People born under the sign of cancer often like to play safely, and this also applies to getting a tattoo. Zodiac signs are a popular source of inspiration for tattooing thanks to their iconic images and personality associations. A crab may not look very impressive, but it takes on a mystical meaning in combination with Astrology. The best part for cancer is, unlike many tattoos that can describe temporary life situations or temporary interests, a person’s zodiac sign does not change. It really helps to reduce contrition after tattooing.

What kind of cancer to get Zodiac tattoos?

You can take a few different approaches to getting a cancer tattoo:

  • Symbol
  • Pet
  • Name


The astrological symbol of cancer resembles a yin-yang symbol. There are two circles, one at the top and one at the bottom, Each with a curved line coming out in opposite directions. A tattoo of the symbol would be easy to reproduce and could go anywhere on the body while being discreet.

This is a good Option for someone who is nervous about a tattoo, and also forms a good basis for more elaborate cancer zodiac tattoos after, such as filling artwork of a crab around the symbol.


Cancer is represented by the crab, known for its characteristics of a hard shell with a soft interior, a penchant for water, a propensity to cling to things and, well, to be creeping. Being creepy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Turning the crab into Cancer Zodiac Tattoos is a great way to both represent the sign and wear cool artwork. A simple crab illustration gives the point, but let yourself be inspired by the sky. Use the placement of the stars of the crab constellation and connect the lines to a crab image that could have inspired the ancients.


The simplest Cancer zodiac Tattoos might be the ones that spell out what they are. The stylized typography that explains “crab cancer” can be fun and elegant, especially when combined with just a bit of water images to bring the subject home. Also consider a small tattoo of your birthday with the name of the sign or a small image of a crab that accompanies it.