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Tips to Make Your Tattoo Hurt Less

“How does a tattoo feel??

… When this question is asked, I always answer

“I feel like a tattoo is just one thing

… Tattoo…..”

Everyone describes a tattoo differently.

Because a tattoo really only feels after one thing… Tattoo 😉

It can feel like metal scratching your skin, small cuts or a bee sting.

But fortunately, as soon as the needle stops touching your skin, the pain stops.

The pain is relative.

Some people feel it is terrible, while other people feel it is just annoying

In my opinion, your pain tolerance has a lot to do with the pain you have experienced during your life.

Have you ever broken larger bones or had larger surgeries?

Have you given birth to one or more children?

If so, Im happy to announce, you should be fine! 🙂

Going through these kinds of painful events, increases your pain tolerance 🙂

Your Pain Threshold

Their “pain threshold” is the point where a stimulus is perceived as pain.

A person with a low pain threshold is considered “hyperreactive”.

A person who tolerates pain well is called a “high pain threshold”.

So pain has a lot to do with personal factors. This explains why two different people can get tattoos in the same place on their body and experience completely different pain.

Which brings us to the next factor…

Tattoo Placement


** The placement of the tattoo on your body, will be a huge decisive factor in how your tattoo will hurt.

Tattoo pain is all about nerves. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about which area of the body is “boney” or which area has “more or less fat”, it’s just about the nerves in your body. And some areas of the body, have more of these sensitive nerves, than others .

Less painful

Your arms and legs are decent places to get tattoos. This includes the thigh, calf, upper arm, forearm and shoulder blades.

Most likely, the most painful

If you are worried about pain during your tattoo or if you are in the “hyperreactive” pain threshold category , some spots to keep away would be your hands and feet, wrists, arm trench, elbows, armpits and throat.

Personally, I imagine ” painful tattoo areas “as places on his body that”bend”.

For example: your groin, behind your knees, armpits, etc.

In addition to these sensitive nerves, these are probably painful places where ink is usually not needed. Unfortunately, not all places on the body are “good places for tattoos” or “accept tattoo ink easily “. This is due to the” extensibility “of the skin and the general” roughness ” of the skin in these areas.

Therefore, because of this crappy fact, these already painful areas to get tattooed also take much longer to tattoo ! And of course, this really contributes to the pain factor of these nerve-rich areas.

The places that do not require ink and whose tattoo lasts longer are your feet and hands, fingers, toes, knees, sides of your body and neck. Tattoo artists note that it takes much more effort to stretch the skin in these areas, and it takes more time to get ink properly into the skin . Placing the ink “properly “into the skin, refers to” a touchup-free ” satisfactory level of ink coverage.

Do not let this discourage you. An experienced artist will know how to correctly insert the ink into these areas and do it gently, so that you have as little pain as possible, even if the tattoo inevitably takes longer than if it were placed in another area of the body . (such as arms or legs)

And I imagine you would look very stupid if you were just tattooed, the spots on your body that took ink easily …and none of the spots that hurt; -) lol!)

So in Review and Bottomline, if you stick to places on your body that absorb ink well, and places that have the least of these sensitive nerves , then you’re already halfway to getting a much less painful tattoo :)**