Tattoo Styles

The Legendary Tales About Swallows Tattoo

Once upon a time-according to legend-Swallows were previously completely black. This cheerful color defended them from the hostile world around them. Or among them, more precisely, when we see swallows hover high in the sky on their slender wings, making them naturally born acrobats.

One day, two older swallows met three much younger swallows, promising to accompany them on this difficult journey if they soon moved to warmer climates.

They agreed to meet on Folowig’s day, but the young Swallows lingered and played among the trees. The days passed, then the weeks, and the old swallows honored their approval, waiting for the three silly young people.

Finally, they were ready to leave, but by that time the winter was about, and the birds could not leave in any way. They could cut the silence with a knife, a reproach from the older swallows to the younger ones who had wasted such precious time. The three young people escaped because of their silly. The elders remained passive and calm.

Winter has come and it has been difficult with snowstorms and freezing temperatures. There was no food, and they died of cold. Elderly swallows walked in the morning and returned to the nest in the evening with blades of grass or seeds to survive. And the young people wondered where they found the lean food.

When spring came, the breasts of the elderly swallows had become completely white, as white as snow. Only then did the young people finally understand. Every day, the two elderly swallows had landed on the snowy ground and, with the warmth of their black-feathered breasts, melted the snow so that they could look at the ground where there were still blades of grass and seeds.

This gesture of solidarity of the elders with the young is the reason why the swallows have since worn black and white feathers, and legend also says that the white that appeared in their plumage symbolizes the hope and pure love of those who do something for someone else without expecting anything in return.