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Symbology of Shark Tattoos : Things You Should Know

Every time we have such a noble and peril creature tattooed, we have to keep an eye on the teachings of the Maori, the Celts and the Hindu peoples…

For the Maori, the shark-the ultimate Sacred animal-is often referred to as “Mako”, which in their language means”tooth”.

The greatest fear of the Polynesian fishermen was to be striked and die in the jaws of the shark. So much so that they described the sharks as extremely peril creatures that were able to free life and passed away. For the Maori, the shark was simply the symbol of higher power.

The Celts, however, saw the as a “dummy”, probably because its dorsal finding resembled this tool.

Therefore, they associated  with the harvest at the end of the season, the means of survival of every people in ancient times, and also associated it with respect for the fruits of the land and the sea. The shark was thus seen to represent the cycle of nature and perhaps to switch from one life to another.

In Hindu religion, the god Vishnu is often shown jumping out of the mouth of a large . This is open to a number of different interpretations. The domination of nature over men, in the first place, and the fact that all creatures must be respected by all people who come into contact with it.

Also in the Hindu faith, the shark is a true symbol of the divine and it strengthens its regality and authority, which we can admire in the tattoos of this gallery, but also in all those that we could not include in this article.