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Mini Lau’s Tattoos: Girlish, Detailed And Delicate

Mini Lau’s tattoos are small colorful cameos that she defines herself as”young girl, detailed and delicate”. And we would add an adjective: adorable. In this Interview, she talks about herself, her tools (Cam Supply) and her inspirations. Welcome to your enchanted ink world!

How long did you tattoo and how did you get into Tattoo?

2020 is my seventh year in tattoos. After my tattoo studies in Hong Kong, I went to Korea and Taiwan as a guest artist and continued to study for a few years to improve my tattoo techniques. Now I do tattoo for people who love my works all over the world.

Tell us about your style and tattoos: How would you describe your work?

My tattoo style works on a small scale in color, and the media called it small fresh tattoo with a fine line. My work is feminine, detailed and delicate.

Are there any techniques or tricks to create such small but detailed pieces?

For small jobs, I use a single round line needle and a round line needle. This styling should be done carefully and patiently. The noise of the work affects the quality of the tattoo.

Which instruments are best for your parts?

The “Legend Motor Tattoo Machine” is my current favorite machine, including The needle that best suits the creation of my work.

How did you meet Cam Supply and what are its benefits?

I am very strict when it comes to tattoos, including jobs and tools. I understand that Cam Supply has been a brand for over 20 years and that quality is recognized by everyone. Especially their tracking cream, stencil and machine, they are all very useful for my tattoo jobs. I’ve tried other brands before, but in the end I still opt for Cam Supply.

In addition to providing high-quality work for my customers, we also need to select high-quality products to be responsible for our customers ‘ skin. Most of my current tattoo supplies are from Cam supply. In fact, the founder of Cam Supply is my godfather and he takes every product very seriously. He was a Role Model for me. I have rarely talked about my godfather in previous interviews, because I hope to work hard myself and gain everyone’s recognition. So I decided to expand my tattoo business in Hong Kong by opening the mini Tattoo Studio to run my own brand with the support of Cam Supply, and their business went very well around the world. As a girl, I am very proud of him!

Looking at your tattoos is like flipping through a fairy tale book: where do you get your ideas?

When I was an apprentice tattoo artist, I saw on the site a watercolor flower on the skin of a girl. However, at the time, my predecessors said that this is not a real tattoo, but only Photoshop. The real tattoo job would not be so easy. The feel of this watercolor painting is very strong and exciting, and I still remember the feel of that time. After being a tattoo artist for 6-9 months. I slowly transformed into my favorite style, working style, Photomethod, image layout, and then continued to research and improve.

What kind of Customer comes to you and what are the most common requests you receive?

Most of my Clients are kind and sweet. They give me general direction and allow me to design the work according to my own creativity.

Do you want to tell us about your shop?

I created my first shop and my first brand “MINI TATTOO” . And my Shop has different Tattoo Products on the Market. The company always aspires to quality and meticulousness in detail. And the store concept of the design was to design it in my own style, with wood color and white as the main tone, lots of dried flowers as decoration. I hope that the customers who come to my shop will have a feeling of relaxation and fun. Therefore, I have relatively high requirements for tattoo artists. The tattoo artists in our shop are carefully selected and technically trained to ensure that every customer can enjoy our Service with peace of mind. In addition, we also have tattoo artists from different countries come to the store in an exchange of tattoo art and technology.

Would you like to tell us a little more about yourself? What do you read, what kind of music do you listen to, what are your interests?

In my spare time, I read a lot of books, for example, artist biographies, reference books, self-healing books, business management books, etc.I listen to a variety of types of music, and my song list changes depending on the Mood. In addition, I like to dance and sing a lot, I also did Yoga recently.

How did you go through this difficult time and how are you?

I was get down for a while for these external reasons. I tried to let off steam by walking, reading and writing. I believe this is the best time to get better and work even harder when everyone seems to be slowing down.