Create Your Own Tattoo That’ll Make You Feel Good

Talented artists featured in the TV shows Ink Master, L. A. Ink and Miami Ink make tattoo design easy. Personalized tattoos usually have a special meaning for the person who receives the inked art. It’s not hard to make your own tattoo as you might think. The end result is also infinitely more rewarding.

Let yourself be inspired

If you want to make your own tattoo, but not quite sure about the specific design, there are many resources you can use for inspiration. Browse art books, search for Botanical images and cultural symbols. Discover Tattoo magazines, or Web-based Designs. Draw approximate sketches if you want, or print out ideas in the library or at home.


You don’t have to be a talented artist to create a basic drawing on a piece of paper with a pencil. Think of the main motif, the surrounding patterns and the general colors you want to see. Whether the heart of the display is an inanimate animal, person, or object, consider how to frame this area. You can choose flower patterns, green, chains, ropes, water or any number of patterns.

Use your imagination

If you have a design in mind, close your eyes and think about which place best suits your creation. You decide if you want a complex, large-format display, or something simple, but unique. Determine the location may also include if you expect the tattoo to be easily visible. The eye-catching spots include tattoos on the neck, arms, hands, legs and feet. Less visible areas are the shoulders, lower back or abdomen.

Make Sure,

Although there are tattoo removal methods available with laser, the technique usually requires several treatments and is not without significant cost. Therefore, keep in mind that everything you decide to integrate into your skin is there in the long run. Avoid some trend or current fashion. Choose something you can personally identify with now and in the future.

Find an artist

Whether you’re creating a masterpiece or a design, an experienced artist can help you make your own tattoo a reality. Meet several licensed artists, get your opinion and listen to their suggestions. If you find an artist you are sure has the same mindset, leave him a copy of your original idea and see what he suggests. Once you are satisfied with the preliminary paper illustration, you will receive your individual tattoo.